PETA Training and Consultancy

Sectors covered: Engineering, IT, Business Administration

PETA Ltd is a registered charity, directed by an executive council, elected from the Membership.  It operates on a self-financing basis and is non-profit making, with funds reinvested to expand services and training.

PETA Ltd is  now one of the largest and most respected training organisations on the south coast and continues to build on this reputation.

PETA Ltd invite all applicants for a one to one interview, then depending on the candidate, they will refer to the most appropriate programme, whether that be a full time course, Traineeship or Apprenticeship. Whilst they actively encourage young people to apply for roles, they also match them to any new vacancies. They will then prepare the applicant for interview which should result in a successful interview and apprenticeship position.

To find out more about PETA and what they offer, please visit