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*NEW to Access: http://www.e4s.co.uk/ part time, full time, while studying or after school. This site allows you to search specifics for occupational area and home or away.

Jobs Bulletin– Every 2 weeks a vacancy bulletin is up-dated for Southampton. Remember to check it regularly if you are looking for jobs. The site includes information from the local area regarding jobs, apprenticeships, traineeships and a featured career to get you thinking about different career paths. It also contains lots of information resources and an easy to understand table on the minimum wage.

No Limits – Do you need some help finding the perfect job for you? No Limits is at 13 the High Street and have a job club every Monday from 2-4pm and every first Monday of the month this is a careers fair with all the partner agencies waiting to talk to you about opportunities. They offer support and advice to parents and young people on a variety of issues, including drugs, housing, crime, money, education and health. This is a confidential free service in the city open to all young people up to the age of 25.

JCP – If you are 18 and job hunting you can sign up for job seekers allowance. If you are under 18 you might be eligible if you live independently.

TEEM Work Clubs – If you are over 18 and are a council resident, you qualify for TEEM work clubs which take place across the city every week. The work clubs give support with job searching, CV writing, IT advice and interview preparation. They take place in Bitterne, Weston, Maybush, Shirley, Central Southampton and St. Mary’s. Click here to find your nearest work club.

If you are looking for work, remember you need to be in learning until you are 18 (Year 11) or the employment will have to be an apprenticeship. If you’re not sure what job will suit you have a look at some of our guidance tools on our top recommended sites page.

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