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Which GCSE options should I choose?

During years 10 and 11 you’ll study for GCSEs, you will have choices over which subjects you want to keep studying.

Need to know: First of all, there are some subjects that are compulsory at GCSE level. These are:

  • English (English Literature and English Language or a single English GCSE)
  • Maths
  • Science (Combined Science or Individual Sciences)

Some useful online guides:

Still unsure?

  • Ask teachers about what that subject is like at GCSE
  • Which subjects do you enjoy?
  • What are you good at?
  • Talk to your family and see the CAREERS ADVISER at school

What is GCSE study like?

In most courses you will take a final exam at the end of year 11.  You will be graded from 1 to 9, where 9 is the best grade you can achieve, 4 is a pass mark, and 5 is considered a strong pass.

Moving on to post-16 education

If you have not achieved a grade 4 in Maths or English you will have to re take them during your post 16 study.

GCSE Science

Separate science GCSEs – you will get a grade from 9 to 1 in each subject.

Combined Science – incorporates content from Physics, Chemistry and Biology and you will get an award that is worth two GCSEs which consist of two equal or adjacent grades from 9 to 1 (for example 9-9, 9-8, 8-8, 8-7, 7-7…to 1-1). If the two grades are different, the highest number will always be written on the left

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