The Apprenticeship Ambassador Film

If you are exploring your career options, you might want to consider an apprenticeship.

You can apply for an Intermediate Apprenticeship once you have left school at 16. It is worth looking at which GCSE grades you would need for an apprenticeship and which subjects might be most useful. This can help you to narrow down your options in year 9.

An Intermediate Apprenticeship is the equivalent to 5 GCSE passes, so you will gain an extremely valuable qualification, whilst learning through practical experience and earning an apprenticeship wage. You can also do an Advanced Apprenticeship, which is the equivalent to 2 A-level passes, or a Higher Apprenticeship, as an alternative to university degree.

If you have decided on the career you want to pursue, an apprenticeship can be a great way to help you get your dream job. You will be able to earn while you learn by studying a National Vocational Qualification at the same time as having a paid job that will give you lots of valuable experience. You will have opportunities to progress and gain higher qualifications in hundreds of different career areas, while working alongside experienced staff.

Seeing apprentices in their workplace talking about the benefits of an apprenticeship can help you to decide on your future career and options for study.

If you are considering an Apprenticeship, watch our Ambassador Film below and then try the quiz:

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